Kagoshima black beef is some of most delicious wagyu Japan has to offer. Most people in Japan probably already know that! Still, to help get the word out, this special character was created. His name is Kagoshima Kuroushi, which means "Kagoshima Black Cattle". He's a macho wrestler. Because nothing says delicious Japanese beef like a macho wrestler.

The character debuted earlier this summer, but recently started to get more and more attention online in Japan. Kagoshima Kuroushi is a "yura kyara", or "soft character" that is created by regional governments or local businesses. In short, yurakyara is how Japan is encouraging people to, say, go local.

In the past few years, yurakyara have become incredibly popular, with some yurakyara becoming famous across the entire country. Most yura kyara are soft and cute. They are nothing like Kagoshima Kuroushi. Nothing at all.

Kagoshima Kuroushi [Official Site]

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