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You've Never Heard Of Half Of These Songs About Video Games

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I love old songs about video games. Not specific games mind you, but just the general idea of video games. They tend to be joyful, simple and wonderful. With that, here are some you might not have heard of.


Below are a handful of obscure or old songs on the vague topic video games from before 1990. Some of them are hilarious, some are awful, but for the most part they have one thing in common — they make some mention of video games.

Metro-Jetz - Video Games — 1980

Ronnie Jones — Video Games — 1980 (Daft Punk sampled this for Technologic)

Alien — Jugos De Tele (Video Games) — 1982

Seduction — Video Games — 1985

Fingers - Video Games — 1982

The Occupants — Video Games —1982

V.D.B. Joel - Video Games — 1987

The ToonsVideo Games — 1982

Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman— Video Games — 1986

Azul 29Video Game — Brazil, 1984

Angel RadaVideo Game — 1983

Roupa NovaVideogame — 1983

Christina — Videogame — 1989

Yellow Magic Orchestra — Computer Games — 1978

George Clinton — Computer Games — 1982

Mi-Sex — Computer Games — 1979

Anti-G — Computer Games — 1984

Frank Corniluis — Computer Games — 1984

Mi-Sex — Computer Games (Special Dance Mix) — 1983

Spanish Symphonic Orchestra — Computer Game — 1986

Hit Man — Computer Game Blues — 1982

Little Toni Marsh — Video Burnout — 1983

Video Kid - Klymaxx — 1984

Lil’ Louis — The Original Video Clash — 1988

Video Fever — The Beepers (From Wargames OST) — 1983

Black Randy and the Metrosquad — I Slept In An Arcade — 1979

Michael Franks — Now That Your Joystick's Broke — 1983 (Thanks, JeremyJ71)

Joe Walsh — Space Age Whiz Kids — 1983 (Thanks, Tim Swanson)

Of course, this isn't a static list. If you know an obscure B-Side or an old song about games that isn't on the list, submit it below, following this format. I'll update it with a link to your comment.


Artist — Title (Year if applicable)

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To contact the author of this post, write or find him on Twitter @papapishu. Special thanks to Spacejamzzzz on this post.

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