Natassia Malthe starred in BloodRayne II: Deliverance, BloodRayne 3: the Third Reich, and In the Name of the King 2. That's three films from infamous filmmaker Uwe Boll! Does Malthe have any regrets? Yes, but not about working with Boll.

Malthe told Fangoria that Boll is "totally misunderstood". According to her, "People are jealous of him because he's outside the Hollywood system and because he's successful, but they just don't understand him."


Not to be a total contrarian, I kind of agree! If anything, Boll is a brilliant provocateur and self promoter.

About her regrets so far, Malthe said," I wish...I wish I hadn't done so much of the, well, sexy stuff. You know, before I was a Maxim model, before I became known for my body I used to get a lot more interesting and dynamic parts. I used to play crackheads and different kind of people and I wish people would take more chances on me to do stuff like that..."

Guess she wasn't asked about her role as Ayane in the Dead or Alive movie, which I actually sat through. Talk about regrets.


Interview: "BLOODRAYNE: THE THIRD REICH" star Natassia Malthe [Fangoria]

(Top photo: Dan Kitwood | Getty)

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