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YouTuber Meets Pope, Gives Him A Copy Of Undertale

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Um. So this is a thing that actually happened.

YouTuber MatPat—who you might know as the king of fan theories—got a chance to meet the Pope earlier this year, as a part of a summit that explored how the internet brings people together. When meeting the Pope, it is apparently customary to gift him something. In this case MatPat was encouraged to give the Pope something that was representative of his culture.

So, he picked Undertale, as he explains in this 16 minute (!) video:

“I gave the Pope this game because it speaks his language,” MatPat said. “This year is his self-proclaimed year of mercy for the Catholic church, a period celebrating forgiveness and compassion when one could otherwise choose to harm a person. And what’s the recurring theme throughout Undertale? Mercy.”


Undertale represents an evolution for gamers, and what they expect from the games that they play, making it the single best representative of where we are as a community today,” MatPat said.

MatPat goes on to talk about why he believes that Undertale’s message about friendship and acceptance is worth spreading in the video, and while you may not agree with his points, it really does feel like everything was leading up to this very moment. After all, the Undertale fandom is famed for being kind of overzealous about sharing their love of the game above all else. It was only a matter of time before SOMEone tried to tell the Pope about how great Undertale is, really.


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