YouTuber Gets Swatted, Cops Find Weed And End Up Busting Him Anyway

Whiteboy7thst, aka Alexander Wachs, is a YouTuber who streams games. Last month he was the target of a "Swatting" when it was falsely reported that he was both armed and suicidal. When cops arrived at his house to find he wasn't a threat, however, they did find 30 grams of marijuana.

Wachs and his housemate were subsequently charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. As a felony, that's serious stuff. Last week, however, the Chicago Tribune reports that police dropped the charges when they realised that, given the circumstances of their discovery of the weed, there was a pretty good chance "the evidence might not have survived a motion to suppress".


So Whiteboy7thst - who as you can see posed for one of the cutest mugshots of all time - is now free to get back to talkin' about video games on the internet.

Cops drop charges against streamer arrested for pot possession during 'swatting' raid [Daily Dot]

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