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It's been making the rounds that YouTube's looking to ramp up the production of home-grown original content for users to consume. A report over at Forbes details what exactly will be airing on Start, the channel that centered on capturing the eyeballs of video game enthusiasts. The shows will be produced by a partnership of IGN and the Reveille production company, which produces reality show competitions The Biggest Loser and MasterChef.


One of the show will follow the IGN Pro League, the competitive promotion launched by the game content network earlier this year. The Next Game Boss will pit aspiring developers against each other in a contest to win funding for their game projects and Game Over looks to be a news round-up of hot stuff happening in gaming, tech and entertainment. Rounding out the announced shows will be Celebrity Assassin, where famous gamers from the world of TV, Film and other media show off their l33t skills.

eSports Will Be Part Of The Focus On YouTube's New Video Game Channel START [Forbes]


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