YouTube Is Down, So No, It's Not Just You [Update]

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YouTube is suffering one hell of an outage right now, with not just its video playback but accompanying services like YouTube music also down for the count.


I first noticed it about an hour ago while...looking up old Homeworld videos, then quickly noticed that my YouTube Music playback (I keep music playing in the background all day while doing this) had also stopped.

The pages and apps themselves are loading, and YouTube itself will even show animated previews of a video, but the content itself simply won’t load.

My colleagues from around the world started saying the same thing, and then:

So relax, that stupid GTA video or recap of your favourite Netflix show you were planning on watching can wait an hour or two.

UPDATE, 8:54pm: It’s back!

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Damn it! And I had the perfect YouTube clip to post in response to this....