You're Wondering: How Many People Went To Gamescom?

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Gamescom came, it did, it went. Seemed like a success from where we were sitting! But as a public event, the show's success depended not only on media coverage, but on the number of punters through the door.

Last year's big German games show, the Games Convention in the city of Leipzig, attracted 203,000 people over the course of the show. This year's big German games show, Gamescom, attracted more, with organisers claiming 245,000 visitors popped into the show last week.


That's more than the Tokyo Game Show can manage. Making this the biggest gaming show on the planet. So: success!

There were also 17,000 trade visitors, along with a whopping 4000 people strutting around wearing "MEDIA" badges.

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seems the move from Leipzig to Cologne payed off, not only for the visitors (in terms of accessability and finding an accomondiation) but also for the show itself.


and thx for the info, i was waiting for this ;)