You're Not Master Chief. You're Not Mario. You're Armed, Farting Poop.

Super Time Force already had a lot going for it. Crazy, run-and-gun side-scrolling action. A cleverly implemented time-manipulation mechanic. And one of the greatest promo trailers ever made. But the appeal doesn’t stop there. You can literally control a piece of crap in Super Time Force. And then fart. And then shoot that fart to make it explode. Game of the Year contender, right there.


Scatological humor aside, you can see some of what makes Super Time Force so great in the video above. The head-spinning rewind mechanic of Capybara’s retro-styled shooter felt like one of the coolest gimmicks I’ve touched in a game all year. If you insert yourself back to the moment a character died and prevent their death, then they become an AI-controlled partner in the action that follows. It’s like a little quantum spacetime experiment in a bottle. And, don’t worry, nobody’s going to force you to play with Squirt.

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Chris Person

GOTY. Shut it down, folks.