You're Never Too Young For PC Gaming

Three-year-old Finley's hands might be too small for the mouse, but that doesn't stop him from kicking ass at both Mirror's Edge and Portal on the PC.

Reader Callum sends us this vid he recorded yesterday of his friend's son rocking the PC, playing through Mirror's Edge nausea inducing first-person action and Portal's perplexing puzzle gameplay like a true pro.

I've generally considered PC gaming to be something young players graduate to after doing time with consoles. I should probably stop underestimating the power of malleable young minds.


Thanks for the vid, Callum!

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clever though he is, should a 3yr old really be playing a game rated 12+ and one rated 16+?

putting aside whether rewarding realistic depictions of violence is appropriate for a 3 yr old, this sort of thing suggests people dont care about ratings at all. Maybe you don't either, but if they become too blunt an instrument, you can bet whole sale dumbing down will be tabled next.

im also curious, if that was your 3 yr old playing, would you be ok with it? After the kid assaults a guy and breaks his arm, the guy filming laughs and says 'good job finley.' Surely someone else sees that as a bad way to train your kid? And in Mirrors Edge you have much more opportunity to avoid combat and shooting, yet they say nothing when the kid systematically emptys his gun into the next guy. Im sure the kid will turn out alright, but his parents friends encouraging violent behaviour in games intended for people over 5 times his age will surely have been a hinderance, not a help.