You're Killing Me, Persona Dancing Game

No. You can’t do this, Persona 4: Dancing All Night. You can’t just pull out the ‘every day’s great at your Junes’ jingle and weaponize it like this. Noooooo.

Okay, let’s be real, I was going purchase the game no matter what. That’s just how much I love the characters of Persona 4. Still, I’m in disbelief that not only is Nanako in this game, she’s appears to maybe work for Junes!? Or she wears a similar get-up to employees, anyway.

Look at how happy she is! Maybe Dojima is finally spending some time with her now.


Now we just gotta see Dojima and Adachi doing some sweet moves, and the Persona 4 monster will be fed. For now.

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Nanako Dojima, the exception to the rule that child characters are annoying