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How much of your scarce, precious internal memory will the new WiiWare games take up? About thiiiiiiiiisssss much. Oh, can't see my "one that got away" fishing-arms size comparison? Then consult this handy chart, put together by the Virtual Console Database, which will tell you exactly how many memory blocks the first round of WiiWare titles will consume. Bear in mind while calculating that your Wii's got a total of 2163 blocks, but then keep on bearing and remember that if even if you've got just a few extra channels and only a Virtual Console game or two, your free space is going to be a lot less than 2163.

Defend Your Castle: 121 blocks [121 needed]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King: 287 blocks [287 needed]

LostWinds: 258 blocks (1 save block) [259 needed]

Pop: 110 blocks (2 save blocks) [110 needed]

TV Show King: 290 blocks (1 save block) [290 needed]

V.I.P: Casino Blackjack: 207 blocks

5/12/08 Releases [Virtual Console Database, via Go Nintendo]


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