Your Wii Has A Minor Button-Combo Secret

Go to the Mii Channel. Press A. Press B. Press 1. Press and hold 2.

Nintendo sent Kotaku copies of Personal Trainer: Walking yesterday, and while we think we don't need that much training to walk (left foot and then right foot, yes?), we are in fact learning things.


We have learned, for example, that the Wii possesses a previously hidden talent.

Try the button combo mentioned above and the image you see here will appear. You won't get Miis of Condoleezza Rice and Exclusives expert Geoff Keighley to appear. That's just on my Wii. But you will get proof that your Wii is capable of emitting your Miis to a DS.

Since launch, the Wii has been able to send Miis to Wii Remotes so that the Miis can be transmitted to other Wiis. And Miis have been snaggable via non-Nintendo Mii-editing computer programs.


But Miis hadn't made it to the DS. They can now that they have a home, as Nintendo informs us that Personal Trainer: Walking is the first DS game/walking-trainer) to support Miis.

On the DS, the Miis are used to demonstrate how far you walked. Like, you know, if you walked about 1000 steps between leaving your apartment this morning and getting to your downtown Manhattan office — with the help of the subway.


What other feats is your Wii capable of? Who knows. Start mashing some buttons.

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