The Android is a Google mobile phone platform that has games on it, and that's about all I can tell you with confidence. I have no Android, but let's fear no obstacles to having a 2010 Android Gift Guide.

Since we've run holiday video game buyers' guides for every other modern gaming platform over the past couple of weeks, we didn't want to leave the Android out. But, not having one, I'm turning to you, the Kotaku reader. Collectively, let's make a guide.

What are the best Android games? The must-gets for this holiday season?

Please write your favorite picks in the comments section below. Use our gift guide format (seen in our iPhone guide (boo! hsssss!)), please:


Game Name
Video of Game
Rating: __ (if applicable)
Genre: ______________

Ideal Player: _________________________________________

What's It About? _____________________________________

Bang For Your Buck: _________________________________