What's better than ogling buckets and buckets of orc gore in Shadow of Mordor? Spiffing up those same heaping piles of gratuity with Instagram-esque filters, you say? Well, if you actually did say that, then boy do I have the thing for you.

Shadow of Mordor developer and master of not communicating effectively Monolith Productions stealthily introduced a new and surprisingly robust photo editing mode to its open-world orc-killing simulator. Or...to certain versions of it at least. Mordor players and fans on the Xbox One and PS4 started to pick up on the nifty new feature last night. It doesn't look like it's arrived for the PC version of the game yet.

Come Thursday morning, Warner Bros. confirmed the new photo mode with a press release, which notes: "The free Photo Mode is available now through the latest online update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update for PC will be available very soon."

Regardless of its availability, it gives players a welcome range of options for pinpointing specific gameplay moments and then editing them into snazzy screenshots. Here are some cool examples I found in an imgur album (by Reddit and Kinja user Matrix8967 ) showing some of the things you can now do. Like tweak the filter...


...or crop it for more of a cinematic look:


Hey, look! You can even add a few different logos to make sure your content is properly branded.

Alternatively, you can also just use it to capture some of the game's gorier moments in greater detail:


Or, y'know, it's prettier moments too:



And the ones that are just plain silly:

Here's a good explainer-type video on how it works from YouTuber Avielence:

And, just for good measure, here's the tutorial video from Warner Bros. as well:

The frustrating part about Mordor's unexpected new feature, as Avialence points out, is that it seems like it's imperfectly applied across the different versions of the game—at least for now. I tested the mode out on my PS4 and made the lead image on this post in a matter of seconds, for instance, but I was only able to do so because Sony's console already has a number of easily accessible means to capture and share screenshots and gameplay footage. For Xbox One players, it's slightly more complicated since the console doesn't have quite as many options as the PS4 does in this regard. ShackNews recommends using the Kinect to say "Xbox, record that," then digging out the relevant image from your console's saved video clips.


The new photo mode comes by way of a free update. All you have to do to activate it is go over to the "game settings" menu and check the little "allow photo mode" box. And then get snapping, of course.

Happy hunting!

via Eurogamer

UPDATE (1:15 pm): And Mordor publisher Warner Bros. has now officially announced the new photo mode via a press release. I've updated to the article to reflect the information they provided.


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