Your Second NCAA 11 Demo Matchup: Florida vs. Florida State

Another thing the NCAA Football 11 demo is good for is revealing the new fall fashions. I wasn't aware Jimbo Fisher took FSU to garnet and black, evidently to make Florida think they're playing South Carolina. Boy, that'll scare 'em.

Granted, I'm colorblind as all hell, but from a distance that looked like Virginia Tech more than anything recognizably Florida State. My guess is the first time the Seminoles lose in these getups they'll put them on the Goodwill van that brings in Chuck Amato's weekly load. So you will likely only see black helmets this year in the opener with that powerhouse Samford.


Anyway, looks like EA Sports is gonna dribble out the four matchups for the NCAA 11 demo one-by-one. Yesterday we saw Ohio State and Miami. They're including multiple teams to showcase the unique offensive styles new to this year's game. Dunno who the remaining two matchups include, but I'm guessing we'll see some spread option, so that means Oregon in its clown suit du jour.

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