Later this week, the PS3 will update to a nice, clean, round number: v4.0. Those hoping for something drastic will be disappointed, but there's still some important work being done under the hood.

When it's pushed live, the PS3 will be able to communicate with the PlayStation Vita, a mildly necessary function since the new handheld will be able to swap games, music, photos, and videos with your PS3, along with stuff like save games and system update files.

While it may sound like Sony is getting in a little early, remember, the Vita is out in Japan in two weeks. And with the handheld being region free, there'll be enough importers in other parts of the world to make the update worthwhile.

UPDATE - And BAM, just like that, the update is already live for some users.

PS3 System Software Update (v.4.00) [Sony]

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