Watch where you do the Running Man in PlayStation Home, PS3 owners. As of today, it gets a little more dangerous with the addition of wearable Wolverine claws in Sony's virtual social space.

In an effort to promote the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this year's best mutant action-comedy, on Blu-ray and DVD, Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are giving away free adamantium upgrades to Home users. And they're giving away a free animated shirt. They call it a vest in Europe, which sounds much nicer than "wife-beater."

How does one get these lovely prizes?

Well, all one needs to do is visit the old Threads Store in Home, presumably after visiting the Home Theatre to watch a preview of the Blu-ray release. Oh, did I type "theatre"? Yes, I did, because this is apparently limited to a European release. Sorry if that sends you into a beserker rage.

Here's another pic of the Wolverine goods in action, illustrating just why Hugh Jackman spends so much time working out for this role.