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Your Photos Will Make an Amazing Platformer

Piclings isn't your typical platformer. Most platformers have pre-made levels; some have players make their own. In Piclings, your photos are the basis of each level. Check out the game's trailer above.


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My mind goes instantly to LittleBigPlanet and its promise of a similar creative experience, which beyond the novelty honeymoon stage proves to be a mediocre social networking one, with a cute but tremendously slight core game that cleverly drip-feeds unlockables so as to keep you feeling like your money and time investment are worth something — then you reach the end of that and it's 100% on you to get out there and make the community great, when it's hopelessly polluted with spam for spam's sake. That's what child-friendly gaming will get you, even with such high entry-cost toys like a PS3 or, as I fear we'll find with Piclings, an iPad 2.