Your Official Fallout: New Vegas Film Gag Thread

So, we've seen tributes to Star Wars, Blade Runner (actually, a carry-over of a Fallout and Fallout 2 reference to that movie) and we know there's one for Indiana Jones in Fallout: New Vegas. That's three. There must be more.


Reader Paige B. just sent that in; the "Rodent of Unusual Size" is a nod to "The Princess Bride." Spot on!

Just for the record, here's the fedora-in-a-fridge, well early in the game, supplied by reader TheTingler. Many of you have seen and mentioned this. It makes fun of the infamous and implausible scene in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, in which Han Solo Jack Ryan President James Marshall Calista Flockhart's husband survives a nukeular blast by hiding in the Norge.

As we're about a week into release, we should be seeing many, if not most, of these kinds of homages in New Vegas. Post them here, screenshots if you can dig 'em up, or just gab about any other ironic or darkly humorous detail that tweaks your funnybone in the latest Fallout installment.

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