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Yesterday, From Software unveiled Ninja Blade, and the pre-rendered trailer looked pretty great. Then again, pre-rendered trailers have a way of doing that, so we were left with a whole bunch of questions about how the game would actually play. Questions that have now been answered! IGN spoke with the game's producer, Masanori Takeuchi, at yesterday's MS Japan presser, and he says that the game will be around 12 hours long and will feature a bunch of stuff that...well, it sounds fairly run-of-the-mill. Scanning, weapons upgrades, the gradual unlocking of ninja abilities (even though you're already a ninja), that kind of thing. Then again, these kind of games are rarely swinging for the fences as far as revolutionary content goes, so we'll hold off on saying nasty things about it til we see how solid the controls and camera are. Ninja Blade Cutting Up Xbox 360 [IGN]

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