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Valve's undead slaying survival shooter Left 4 Dead hits in under a month, meaning most of us are asking the question "What does 53,595 killed infected get me anyway?" That figure nets you exactly 20 Gamerscore, as well as the title "Zombie Genocidest." Valve has released details on the 52 Xbox Live and Steam Achievements it will be shipping alongside the retail release, most of which look not that impossible to get. Sure, that 53,595 kills number may be bordering on excessive, but we think we'll be able to get the job done. Now to look up the significance of that number... Update: Oh right... it's one more than the "Zombie Genocide" Achievement from Dead Rising. Thanks, helpful commenters — you're all getting shiny stars! Anyone want to place bets on who will go for "Zombie Genocidest"? Exclusive: Full List of Official Left4Dead Achievements [Maximum PC]


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