Your In-Flight Entertainment: The PSPgo

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Hate in-flight movies? Didn't bring a book? Like to game? A subsidiary of airline Korean Air, Jin Air, is here to help by renting PSPgo consoles to passengers.

The PSPgo is available for rental for flights out of Incheon for 4,000 won (US$3.50) — way cheaper than the $6 that some airlines charge economy passengers for booze. It's not clear exactly what games are loaded on the UMD-less machine, but Sony Computer Entertainment Korea publishes titles like Patapon, LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival and Persona 3 Portable. So it's possible some of those titles are playable. It is also possible that they are not as Jin Air did not name specific games.

This is not the first airline to offer slick, new portables for passenger gaming fun. In 2006, Japanese airline JAL also introduced an in-flight DS Lite service. The then new DS Lite could be enjoyed free of charge by first class and executive class passengers in a special, limited time only promotional campaign.


The following year, the Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport set its sights on banning the use of the wireless functions on portable game devices like the DS and the PSP. The extent of the ensuing crackdown seemed to signs reminding passengers not to turn own the wireless functions during landing and takeoff and friendly warning from flight attendants.

Korean Airline Uses PSPgo For In Flight Entertainment [Siliconera]

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Are they also renting a power supply ?

If not then i hope no one is planning on using one on any flight over three hours long.

Love my GO... hate its battery though.