Your Games Have More Replay Value Than You Think

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Just when you think you're done with a game, along comes something that shows you're far from done: you just need to step outside your comfort zone.


Scenario Generator is a tool that works for multiple games, from strategy titles to Dark Souls, by giving you a specific set of challenges or situations.

For example, here's Civ V's:

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Pretty cool, no? I went through a big Civ V phase last year, but got worn out by around September. Now that I look back on it, though, I'd largely been playing the same kind of games on the same kind of maps. Seeing something like this reminds me how much more game there is to try that I just continually glossed over.

If you're not happy with what you've been given, you can just re-roll: it's doing this randomly, not through any kind of specific curation, so you can just keep clicking until you get a setup that looks good.

It's such a weird thing, no? You already play these games, and the power to mix stuff around is already there. Those Civ options are available for everyone, every time you play it. But as the very existence of this generator shows, whether through laziness or a lack of imagination we rarely make the most of those choices.

Maybe all we need sometimes is for someone to give us a little push.


See stuff like this I call house rules. Whenever I play rpgs I impose certain restrictions on myself in order to make the game feel more exciting.

So I'll limit dlc weapon in bioware games until after certain story elements. (I like to act like the adas rifle in ME3 is a present from Tali to a shepard who romances her.) or I'll add rules about role play and what character will be allowed to equip what weapons.

In some games it can lead to utterly wonderful new playthroughs.

My fav two playthroughs in new vegas were due to self imposed challenge.

In the first, I put all my points into lockpicking and entered the BoS bunker super early. And thus was able to essentially play through the game as a member of the brotherhood. Very different experience to attack the van graffs only to give away their massive amount of tech to the brotherhood quartermaster. Even better to side with house up until the moment where he wants you to take out the brotherhood and then turn on him. Also, crushing Vulpes' skull with a high end powerfist when you first meet him as his goons try helplessly to try and penetrate your t51 power armour with machetes.

The second, however is my favourite. I did a tribal run. No educated/intelligence related perks. No modern meds. No firearm more complex than a bolt action rifle. NO barter skill. And probably the biggest restriction, NO MODERN ARMOR. I used tribal raiding armor for the first 10 hours of the game, then upgraded to dead horses armor because while it has terrible DT it does have a nice bonus to stealth...which I needed because I was so weak.

It is an astoundingly fun and surprisingly viable build. Because I'm shut out of any cerebral perk all my perks went into more physical things. So by the end of the game I have a pretty decent native DT, I can sleep anywhere, I find high quality healing items on any animal I kill, I'm stealth as hell and a damn wizard with a mantis gauntlet.

With a combination of care, bleak venom, and a crapton of tomahawks, I was able to clear the deathclaw nest on my own. Come the battle of hoove dam, and Casear's finest are getting torn apart by a half naked latina girl armed with a lever action rifle, a gauntlet made from a deathclaw hand while she is tripping balls on a myriad of crazy tribal remedies. On the hardest difficulty setting.

In skyrim, I also did a few runs where I got the cursed ring of hircine, lycanthropy and left noth on. Meaning at various points as I tried to play the story I would wolf out at random. I set myself a rule where as a wolf I would have to kill and eat the equivalent of one person before shifting back or my character would die. And that if I got taken down to half health, I would attack ANYONE who came at me. Those were to give me a challenge where I can't just RUN from people and there will be actual consequences to turning at an inopprtune moment. Oh and I also had to drop all my equipment every time I changed.

I called them my incredible hulk runs. They are SUPER fun. You pretty much have to join the thieves guild as its the only viable way to make money and keep your bounties down (I once had a 20000 gold bounty in every hold after a few inopportune changes.) and it kept me form the main quest until I was level 40.