Your Friendly Neighborhood Gaming Charity Round-Up

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It's the season of giving. Right now, we're going to give you a reminder and a round-up. Happy Holidays!


Don't forget that Funde Razor is next Wednesday. There are three locations for folks across the US: Brooklyn with Boing Boing Gadget's Joel, San Francisco with Gizmodo's Blam and Denver with our very own Brian Crecente. Special guest appearance by Brian Crecente's hair.

Funde Razor is all for a good cause (Child's Play), read more about it right here.


Round-up-wise, Wired's Chris Kohler is putting a smorgasbord of retro consoles and games up on the auction block with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Child's Play. CheapyD at CheapAssGamer is also doing his part to raise money for Child's Play — check his site for more information.

In non-Child's Play news, Kotaku commenter Witzbold informs us that he's got a Prinny auction (how fitting!) running with all the proceeds going to 5h3 Game Donation Drive for Troops in Iraq.

Stuff like this warms the heart, no?

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Komrade Kayce

Awww Witz, you big softie.

But wheres that adorable handcrafted Prinny that you beat me on bidding for a while back? Hrmmm?