Your First Word Was...

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Sore


But I'm not sure. I think he is saying "Dadda". He may be saying just that, but perhaps he isn't referring to me. Sounds, he's making sounds. He's, what, 8 months old?

This might be like those people who see Michael Jackson on potato chips or whatever. Seeing things they want to see, hearing the things they want to hear.


Though, it would be pretty great if his first word was "Dadda". Mini-Bash's first word was "car", oddly enough. My first word was "light". Mrs. Bashcraft's first word was, we don't know what it was. Maybe "Mama"?

What was your first word?

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Sadly enough, my first word came out in church.

I was sitting in my mother's lap when they passed around the little basket for people to donate to the church. I saw what people were putting in it, and when it was passed to my mother, I dove for the basket screaming, "Money!"