Your First, Secret Look at 2011's CES

The Consumer Electronics Show floor doesn't open officially until Thursday morning, but we got an early look at the show in progress. What did we see? Green Hornet, Smurfs, and lots of 3D.


Here's a quick look at some of the biggest company's rush to deliver the pinnacle experience at this year's show.

While an early look at Sony's booth didn't reveal much in the way of Playstation, we did note a pile of consoles and televisions waiting to be set up after Sony's keynote tonight.



"We don't need DVD, I don't want to replace my VHS."

"We don't need HDTV, there's no difference in quality."

"We don't need Blu-ray, I don't want to replace my DVDs and there's no difference in quality."

What else don't we need, oh wise, ever knowing gaming community? What else?