Your First Look at the Official Uncharted 3 Commercial

Sony kicks off their television campaign for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception with this brand new commercial tonight.


The ad airs during the 2011 NFL Kickoff game between the Packers and Saints. Or you could just watch it right now.

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This is still my most anticipated game of the year. November 1st can't come fast enough.

I engaged a cunning plan to make my experience of the game even greater. Usually, I'd buy this game on day one and my mother and girlfriend would nag that I'm neglecting my duties or not spending enough time with them, and I'd have less time for the game. However, last month my mum was considering moving from the Wii to a PS3, so I had her play Uncharted to see if she'd be prepared to move on to a more mature type of game than she's used to. She's since completed Drake's Fortune twice on incremental difficulties, and Among Thieves once, she's almost as excited for Drake's Deception as I am. Then, my girlfriend saw my mum playing Drake's Fortune and she was intrigued, she then started playing, she finished Drake's Fortune and is currently playing through Among Thieves. I think they'll both understand my love for the game this time around and I should get to play it happily, distraction-free. ;D

However, the only problem is that they may just kick me off and steal it for themselves instead, maybe it won't work out so well after all. >_>