Your First Look at Deus Ex Gameplay

You've seen plenty of cinematic trailers, you've seen interviews and heard about the aesthetic design of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but they've never show you the game in action... until now.


The two-and-a-half minute video mashes gameplay with what I'd bet are cinematic pieces, but there's still a better sense of what the actual gameplay will look like in motion. It's still hard for me to get a sense of what playing this game will be like, but I remain intrigued. Some of the special moves, like seeing through walls and turning invisible, seem well implemented and I'd love to control a character who's arm can unfold into a giant gun.

I still think the game is a bit too dark, a bit too gold for my tastes though.


I'm playing through Deus Ex again in anticipation of this game. Still one of my favourite games ever, even after 10+ years. It's a true pioneer of open-ended, story driven, decision-based gaming. And it does a lot of things better than a lot of the newer games that it inspired. You can really play it however you want... something a lot of games claim, but don't always pull off. The first time I played through it, I went all stealth, killing a minimum of enemies. This time, I'm taking more of a guns-ablazing approach. So fun!

I also finally picked up a copy of Invisible War for cheap on Steam, so I'll be moving onto that after.

I'll be picking Human Revolution up as soon as possible, for sure.