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Madden NFL Arcade, the downloadable football shootout that released last Thanksgiving, won't be getting a second version this year. Instead, EA Sports today pushed out a comprehensive roster update tracking more than 100 player moves, roster promotions and draft choices.


That means this game is your first chance to play with first-rounders like Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh, and Broncos quarterback (and NCAA Football 11 cover boy) Tim Tebow. I just played with Tebow and Denver - in the pocket he is the proverbial statue with pigeon shit on his shoulders. Lay on that right trigger, though, and he has some running speed and mass. Call deep passes and take off like a draw play, it's reasonably effective.

To get the roster, you're going to have to check into an online match against live competition. The game will prompt you to approve a download the online roster saved to your hard drive. Once you do that, it's all yours, Just keep in mind, this wipes out last year's online rosters, so Cardinals fans will be stuck with Matt Leinart at quarterback and not the recently retired Kurt Warner.


Interestingly, the Minnesota Vikings are the only team with zero lineup changes. Of course Brett Favre's return is not assured, but the most current information out there is he's active. So in addition to Arcade being your first chance to see how Jimmy Clausen handles the Carolina Pampers offense, it might be your last shot to just go have fun out there with No. 4.

And if you don't have the game, EA's hoping a 33 percent off deal on Xbox Live will entice you. Madden NFL Arcade is 800 Microsoft Points until June 27.

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