Crayons aren't just for coloring books, people. Crayons can be art, too.

Just look at the handiwork of Hoang Tran, an artist who carves out all sorts of awesome characters and figures out of Crayola crayons—like so:

After a few hours of sculpting with dentistry tools, Tran ends up with a beautiful crayon figure—like this one of Finn from Adventure Time:

You might've seen the Adventure Time crayons before, but you've gotta take a look at some of Tran's other crayon work, too—it's superb:

Bender From Futurama:


Dr. Who:



Chewbacca from Star Wars:

Walter Sobchak From The Big Lebowski:


The Dude From The Big Lebowski:

Breaking Bad:


Adventure Time

Not all of Tran's work is nerdy, of course...


You can see more of these crayon carvings here. Or, if you want to see one being carved, watch this video:

(Via Laughing Squid)