Your Computer Probably Can't Make Crysis 3 Look This Good

Sure, games are slowly moving toward 4k resolutions, but what if you skipped that and went straight to almost 8 times larger than highest resolutions consoles can run right now? The result is incredible.


Redditor K-putt decided to push his PC to the limit and get these shots of Crysis 3 at up to 8k resolution, with custom settings to make it look even better than the default ultra high graphics settings. He played through the game and switched resolutions when coming across a particularly pretty scene. Why switch resolutions? Because the game runs at around 2 frames per second when the resolution is set so high.

K-putt explained how to do it in case you'd like to try it for yourself:

I used Maldo's On The Fly tool to get access to some blocked cvar's [engine commands like draw distance] of the game. I also used his ultra preset for those screenshots.

Then i added some custom exec's [command-line settings] for those high resolutions. Which i could then change via keybindings.
So i line-up a shot, change to 8K for example, take a screenshot and go back to 1080p.
SweetFX was used as well to adjust some colors/blacklevel etc. And i used a cheat-engine hack to get some sort of a free camera (changing the x,y,z player coordinates)

Click "expand" in the upper-left to see them bigger, or visit the flickr page here for more of the full resolution screenshots.


Crysis 3 [Flickr]

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