Your Best and Worst Gaming Gift Memories

It's Christmas morning and there are presents under the tree. You'd been pining away at that Super Nintendo for months. You start tearing away like a mad fiend at the wrapping paper and what do you find but...

"Oh wow...A ColecoVision."
"It was the one you wanted, right?"
"Sure Dad, sure."

We've all been there in some small way at one time or another.

That kid above? That's me on my birthday. Age 9, I think? Look at how happy I look getting that crappy Tiger Handheld version of Sonic 2! Look at the bliss on my face! I was jazzed to have that thing, until I actually played it and realized it was kind of a piece of garbage.


No matter how humble you are, we all know that feeling. So in the spirit of the holidays, we here at Kotaku invite you to share your stories of triumph and heartbreak in the discussions below.

(PS: Love ya Mom and Dad. Happy Holidays and thanks for all the amazing gaming memories.)

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