Your April Fool's Survival Guide [Update]

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Oh dear. It's now April 1, making this officially the worst day of the year for all things internet. Over the next 24 hours things might get a little rough. But it's OK. We can get through this. Together.


In this post, we'll collect all the pranks, jokes and ill-advised attempts at either we come across over the course of the day, helping you sort the wheat from the chaff, and more importantly, the news from the crap.

The Good
Alan Wake Wars [Remedy]
Halo Movie Series - Debut Trailer [IGN]
Halo: Reach Multiplayer ViDoc, Zugzwang Evolved [Bungie]
Team Fortress 2 - Law Abiding Engineer [YouTube]
Battle.Net Neural Interface [Blizzard]
Diablo III's X-Treme Gamer Blanket [Blizzard]
The iPad Dock iPhone to Tablet Converter [I Want One of Those]
Razer Venom For Gamers [Razer Zone]
There will be Webcomics Brawl [Fake Kotaku site Kotahu]
Wurm Does April Fools [Wurm Online]
Blizzard's Mobile Preview of Blackthorne 2: Thorne Harder and Queen's Quest [Blizzard]
PopCap's Celebrity Bejeweled [The Escapist]
YouTube goes ASCII for a day [YouTube]
The iPad Arcade Cabinet [ThinkGeek]
Google Translate For Animals [Google]
Capcom vs SNK 3 [???]
Virtua Fighter Final Showdown [Sega]
Valkyria Chronicles: The Movie! [Sega, Famitsu]
Blazblue vs Arcana Heart 3 [Arc System Works]
Ecco: Water Wars 2! [Sega]
Raving Rabbids meet Splinter Cell. [Ubisoft]
Duke Nukem Forever Demo [FilePlanet]
Star Wars: The Old Republic's Latest Character Class - The Sarlaac Enforcer [BioWare]
World of Warcraft's Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number - or EPEEN [Blizzard]
Monkey goes VIRTUAL! [Telltale Games]
Bayonetta's "Official Prequel" [Platinum Games]


The Bad

Final Fantasy VII Heading to Nintendo DS [Cubed 3]
Negative Gamer is Taking Legal Action Against Evony [Negative Gamer]
Ace Attorney Saga Announcement [Hadouken]
iPad version of Flight Control will be used to train Aussie air traffic controllers [Pocket Gamer]
R-Type developer brings us SEMIFINALIST FANTASIA [Irem]
Yahoo! Japan is in 3D. [Yahoo! Japan]
Capcom Teams With Construction Company On Mega Man Stages [Inside Games]
Nintendo DSi April Fool's Day flipbooks [Hatena]
Pokemon Kart Wii Trailer [1UP]
PlayStation Sex [Screenplay]
Fate/stay night's Saber joins Twitter, er, TMitter. [Type Moon]
BREAKING: Nintendo Announces Games For Apple iPad, Cross-Platform Online Play [Play Switch]

The Ugly

Thanks and Goodbye [Sexless Videogameland]
BREAKING: 'Epic Sesame Street' Announced [IGN AU]

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[] - nearly everything on the page (A certain Japanese company sending people back in time to 1999?)