Your 360 Needs HDMI for Avatar's 3D Effects

If you ponied up for a 3D-enabled TV because you want to take advantage of 3D-enabled games, you need to make sure you have an HDMI-enabled console to go with that.

Ubisoft reminds us that James Cameron's Avatar: The Video Game will need 1080p resolution from an HDMI cable if you're grabbing up that game with the expectation of having your mind blown. So if you're an early adopter of technology, and that early adopted technology includes the Xbox 360, you're SOL. You'll be experiencing normal video game graphics like the rest of us.


I realize, of the potential population to be disappointed by this realization, I've described maybe 12 people. But it is a useful caution to keep checking the console requirements as technology gets more sophisticated.

3D TV Doesn't Guarantee a 3D Avatar, Says Ubisoft [UGO Games Blog]

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