If you are young, chances are, you going to do something stupid. But just know that, perhaps you can turn to Twitter for help.

Last month, Twitter user Mayuchin climbed into a baby swing at an Osaka park, first tweeting up the above photo of herself in the swing and cracking a joke.


Then, she tweeted out several more photos of herself in the swing (taken by a friend, obviously), writing, "I'm stuck. I can't go up. Someone come and help me. (I'm) in Tempozan."

Courtesy of 2ch, here is what the swings look like with little kids in them.

The rescue squad arrived, and freed her from the baby swing. "Thanks everyone. I got unstuck," she then tweeted.

Online in Japan, people criticized Mayuchin for doing something dumb like climbing into a baby swing and then wasting tax payers' money to get freed. "Why Twitter? Why not just call for help?"


The incident is reminiscent of last year's bad Twitter trend, with people climbing into all sorts of things for internet fame. It got so bad that a PSA was launched in one part of the country with the tagline, "Intended gags come with great consequences."

Note: Kotaku pixelated the above images.

ブランコに挟まった女がTwitterで救助要請 [2ch]

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