Young Chinese Man Turns To Grave Robbing To Fund His Gaming

A young man in Fujian province is in deep trouble this week after going on a rampage through a mausoleum looking for buried treasure.

The young man, nicknamed Xiao Hai(海)until trial, just turned 22 years old and, according to those that knew him, was "addicted" to video games. He had problems distinguishing reality from fiction. Moving from his home village to Fujian, Xiao Hai couldn't find a job. He ended up vagabonding around and sleeping in public spaces, resorting to begging and theft to sustain his gaming habits and his life.


According to local police, sometime in the last month Xiao Hai got it into his head that he could make money by robbing graves. Taking to a local village mausoleum, Xiao Hai began breaking into funeral urn boxes, taking everything from jewelry to other things that looked valuable.

Xiao Hai busted up pretty much everything in the small mausoleum creating upwards of $10,000 worth of damage! Not to mention all the ashes he scattered.

According to police, Xiao Hai said that he didn't care, as long as he could get his hands on money—for internet games, he'd do it.

90后男孩为玩网游 毁掉700余骨灰盒盗取死人财 [Tencent]

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