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You'll Think Valve Made This Team Fortress 2 Video, It's That Good

Given the quality of Valve's own "Meet The..." shorts for Team Fortress 2, it's natural to expect/pray for the company to make a movie based on the popular shooter. One look at this clip, though, and you'll see they won't ever need to.


End Of The Line is a fan-made project that takes every single piece of machinima made using Valve's Source Filmmaker and just boots it out the window.

Above is a trailer, but the full 8-minute clip will be out at the end of the year. It's been worked on by a team of six (full credits in the video's info page), who have been toiling since January.


End of the Line Trailer [YouTube]

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i feel like im the only person on the planet that doesnt care about tf2. i mean this is cool and certainly took talent. but beyond that whats the big fuss?