You'll Probably Suck At Oculus Rift Games

Virtual reality is...different. It takes some getting used to. When I first tried the Oculus Rift last year, I found that even the most basic actions in games I tried—looking around, movement—were way harder than I was expecting them to be.


Thing is, I'd built a certain muscle memory with buttons that prevented me from simply jumping into a game. It's the sort of skill that assures I can pick up most games with some ease—but not virtual reality games. With some practice I was able to perform basic actions in the game I tried, but even so, it felt like I was learning how to walk again. It was eye-opening and a bit humbling—and reminded me that I should be kinder when someone new to games has difficulty picking something up. It also made me a bit terrified about trying more Oculus Rift games, because lets be real, nobody likes sucking at stuff. That's a recipe for frustration. (Obviously, though, I'll still try more Oculus Rift games—I'm just being honest in my initial reaction to them!)

PBS Game/Show delves into why it's likely most of us will have trouble, at least initially, with Oculus Rift games. We're not ready for it just yet—and developers know this. Funnily enough, folks who have played games all their life may find themselves getting owned by complete newbies in virtual reality games. Thankfully, as they say, practice makes perfect—we're all bound to get our "VR legs" in due time.

Why You're Going to Suck At Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality | Game/Show | PBS Digital Studios [PBS Game/Show]


I don't care if I suck at it. Just release the damn consumer version already. Another day, another Oculus article about this amazing toy that still doesn't have a release date. You are cruel Kotaku.