When I look at Starbucks coffee cups, I think of, well, Starbucks coffee. When artist Soo Min Kim looks at them, he sees something else entirely.

For the past few years, Kim has been drawing on Starbucks coffee cups, turning them into works of art. During this time, his Starbucks cups have gotten more elaborate and more creative.

The artist has even held exhibits of his Starbucks doodles! Kim, who works as an illustrator in Seoul, is now a self-described "paper cup artist." In this video, you can see how he works:

Below, you can see some of Kim's work from his Facebook page.

Be sure to check out Kim's official site for more Starbucks art.

Soo-min Kim [Official Site]

Soo Min Kim [Facebook]

Soomin Kim's Starbucks Cup Art [Blogspot]

Soo Min Kim [YouTube]

Top photo: Soo Min Kim/Facebook

via NewsGamme/Rocketnews

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