You'll Never Master This Shooter

Really Big Sky is an indie shmup with a twist: it's procedurally-generated. Meaning you'll never play the same game twice.


The game's difficulty, levels and enemies are generated on the fly based on how you're playing, how well you're playing and how many of you are playing it at once (it support 4-player multiplayer).

So you'll never, ever be able to "master" it by learning where every bad guy is going to come from and what form the bullet hell will assume. They'll be different every time! So it's just you and your reflexes.

You can find the game for $10 from its official site.

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Really Big Sky : Procedurally Generated Shmup [GSW]


I am so sick of this "Indie" scene. People think its like a badge of honor when they talk about obscure games made by wannabe legitimate game developers. No, it does not make you cool when you talk about a game that either no one has heard of, or played. Gamers always gotta show off their knowledge or accomplishments and its so annoying!

Hey, look at my acheivments!

Hey, look at my PSN trophy integration on facebook!

Hey, I am playing a game you never heard of!

Hey, I am wearing a videogame themed shirt, please pay attention to me!

Get a life.