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You'll Never Look at the Resident Evil 6 Logo the Same

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apologies for all the blowjobs tonight! (I've always wanted to write that.) Just like Yoshi on the Japanese tea cartons, here's another subliminal image you cannot unsee: a pink giraffe getting off in bizarre S&M play with a pink slug.

Capcom, you should be ashamed of yourself. A pink giraffe and a slug? Disgusting!


Kotaku commenter BlitzGrilo is claiming the above pink slug image as an original Kotaku comment creation.

Then, there's the image Kotaku commenter Musouka posted—also viewable in the above gallery. It was created by artist RJ Palmer. Check out more of his work here as he's eagerly searching for artistic employment.


Once again, there's a giraffe, but there is no pink slug, sadly.

Image [4chan Thanks, Travis!]