You'll Need to Clean Out Your Ears to Watch This Game in Action

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Over the course of this generation in gaming, more than a few Nintendo-published Wii titles have never made it outside of Japan—despite it being the best-selling console of the generation. One of these unfortunate titles is Kiki Trick, a video game based completely around listening.


Somewhat resembling music title Rhythm Heaven in both style and presentation, Kiki Trick is a collection of mini-games made to test your ears in ways you'd never have imagined.

The main part of the game involves listening to a variety of heavily distorted voices and then deciphering what they say. In some variations, you simply need to choose a single missing word. In others, you must reconstruct an entire sentence piece by piece. For each round of the main game, you must get three correct answers to move on to the next round. Should you fail, you start over with a new set of questions.


As you progress through the distorted voice portion of the game, you unlock other listening mini-games. These range from listening to a cocktail of overlapping sounds and then deciphering the separate sounds to watching three TVs at the same time and choosing which one the sound you're currently hearing belongs to.

To see the game in action, check out the video above.

Kiki Trick was released in Japan on January 19, 2012, for the Nintendo Wii. There are currently no plans for an international release.

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