You Won't Believe One Man Is Making This Game

If you were impressed that one person managed to make last year's Dust: An Elysian Tail, get ready to be impressed all over again by Ghost of a Tale.


Admittedly it's a smaller project in scope than Dust, but it's the visuals here that get your attention. Rough as they may be in this very early state, it nevertheless seems crazy that one person would have the time to do just that, let alone write and design and program the game as well.

Then again, when you're Lionel Gallat, a former Dreamworks animation supervisor - who was animation director on Despicable Me - maybe you can manage.


Gallat, who cites Zelda and Ico as the game's biggest inspirations in terms of design, and some of the 20th century's best fantasy works (Dark Crystal, Disney's Robin Hood and the art of Alan Lee and John Powell) in terms of look, is currently running a crowdsourcing campaign to support Tale's development.

Ghost of a Tale [Indiegogo]

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Why can't I shake that the creator is a furry?

On another note, why do furries bother me so much? Is it the gigantic mascot outfits, or the really creepy porn that tends to circulate?