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Calling all XBL cops, be on lookout for one rapper, Lil Wayne aka Lil Weezy, who fessed up in this clip to owning an Xbox 360 containing not just "every game ever created" but also "every porno."

Flashed, modded or whatever, we doubt there's a hard drive large enough to truly hold all of that kind of content, even just the core titles worth having. (such as "Gears of Whore," "Asses Creed," or "Donkey Punch 22.") "He just put it in it," says the hiphop artist, implying that a modder arranged this for him and the content he dials up likely isn't disc-based. Why, s—t, he tells us he even set aside the hard drive space to install PONG.

Lil' Wayne Has a Modded Xbox? [Gamertag Radio via Destructoid]


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