You Will Remember The Sonic Chronicles Story "For A While"

Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic developer BioWare is churning out RPG Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for SEGA. A Sonic RPG? Nothanks.jpg. But a BioWare Sonic RPG? Okay, we're at least receptive. When vaguely talking plot, the game's art director Joel MacMillan said:

I think this is obviously best left for the audience's first playthrough to find out. I will say that the overall story is broken up into two Acts, the first taking place in a very familiar Sonic World, and the second branching out into something we haven't seen yet, something a little darker (not just visually). I'm confident that what has been done with the story in Sonic Chronicles will be something that fans will remember for a while, and will hopefully be expanded in the future.


Sonic fans remember a lot that has happened to that blue hedgehog in the last few years, none of it good. Break the trend, BioWare, do it. Not for your own sake or SEGA's sake, but Sonic's. Q&A: BioWare on Sonic Chronicles [GameSpot]

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