You Will Not Believe This Gravity-Defying GTA V Car Chase

If you play Grand Theft Auto V, you're going to get involved in some intense car chases. But unless you're amazing at the game, your chases probably won't play out quite like this.


Here we have some outstanding chases from YouTuber Rechyyy, who manages not only to pull off incredible trick after incredible trick, but to do so while cutting with the cinematic camera to make us feel as though we're watching a particularly wild car-chase movie.

This one is his best video. It's a chase to the top of Mount Chiliad, with a lot of sticky bombs involved. For the best part, skip to 2:20. Wow.


Here's another one, with a whole motorcade of police SUV's and giving you a good example how to use properly Franklin's special slow-motion ability.

How to use the police road blocks as launchpads? The 0:40 spot has the answer:

Can't wait to see this guy's GTA Online videos.

Rechyyy [YouTube]

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