I'm pretty confident that if you just watched the trailer for this game, you would have no clue who made it. Here's a hint: One of the creators is a Japanese developer you'd never imagine involved with a game like this.

This is Colors: Break Bricks, an Android app in which you destroy blocks. Here's the trailer:

It looks kind of like Breakout or the games it inspired (like Arkanoid), but with shooting and tapping.

Give up?

According to the game's press release, this was created by former Team Ninja staff along with former Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki. No longer at Tecmo, Itagaki is best known for making Ninja Gaiden games, creating Dead or Alive, and wearing leather jackets.

To be clear, the game's Android site says Itagaki "participated in the planning." So it sounds like a side gig. Still, this is kind of surprising!


The game does appear fun, I guess, and I kind of like that it's so incredibly different from Team Ninja's games. But where is The Devil's Third, game Itagaki was working on? It's coming, apparently!

世界的ゲームクリエイター板垣伴信氏が企画参加!新感覚ゲーム「Colors -ブロック崩し-」が無料配信開始 [PR Times]

Colors -Break Bricks [appmarketing@YouTube]

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