Cthulhu Saves the World is an old school turn-based roleplaying game starring the high priest to the Great Old Ones, now available on Xbox Live Indie Games from Zeboyd Games. Such glory must be chronicled in song.

The music is "Hey There Cthulhu" from The Eben Brooks Band, a lovely little parody of that song from The Plain White T's that no one could escape in 2007. It's completely appropriate, as no one can escape the madness brought upon humanity by horror author H. P. Lovecraft's greatest creation, unless of course he loses his powers and has to become a hero to regain them.


That's the premise behind Cthulhu Saves the World, the latest RPG from the creators of Breath of Death VII: The Beginning. It's available right now on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 240 Microsoft points. I'd do a full Xbox Live Indie Clip featuring the game, but this video sells it without my help.

Thanks to NakatomiHMC for creating and passing along the video.

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