You Still Have Time To Help Shape The He-Man Game, Got Any Ideas?

Just one week ago we were pretty sure that a He-Man video game was in the works. It turns out that it's more of just a hope and a dream right now. So now's your chance to be influential.


Danny Bilson, avowed Kotaku reader and head of "core" games at game publisher THQ told us today that he wants to make a Masters of the Universe game. (Masters of the Universe is the name for the 80s toy and cartoon franchise featuring He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra, an annoying floating red-cloaked elf thing and a bunch of other characters some of you might be too young and deprived to know.) Bilson's problem is that he didn't know until a week ago that THQ was going to be able to make a He-Man game.

There was some question about whether THQ was going to get the rights to making a He-Man game even as they were getting the rights to make Barbie games and other stuff based on Mattel toys. But last week Bilson got the word that Masters of the Universe: The Game is something his teams could make.

"I'm sure we'll be doing something," he said. "I can't say what, but something."

Kotaku readers, tell THQ what that "something" should be, will you?

He-Man first person shooter?

He-Man kart racing game?

He-Man MMO?



Don't get rid of the camp. I know people will tell you to dial up the blood and dark story telling, but my He-man came with gay overtones and a nice little lesson at the end.

...ha, came. I didn't even do that on purpose.